Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rollin' Over Video

I can roll over from my back to my belly now. Click the below link to see my video!


Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm 5 Months Old!

I turned 5 months old on July 12th! Look at me looking so big now. I like to sit in my eatin' chair and I can hold my upper body up. It won't be long now before I can sit up on my own. I LOVE to jump in my jumper too. I spend tons of time each day jumpin' away. I especially like an audience when I jump! I get upset when nobody watches me jump. I have cool new seat that sits on the floor too. You can see that I like to put everything in my mouth now!

Mommy and PeePaw

Daddy took a picture of mommy holding me while I was sporting my cool new sleeper. Of course it has airplanes on it! It is a size 9 months. Mommy and daddy thought it would be too big for me but it fits perfectly! Yikes! I am only 5 months old so I am a big boy to be wearing 9 month old sleepers.

PeePaw and I had our picture taken at Aunt Sheryl and Uncle Shawn's house. They had us over for a delightful dinner. They smoked some darn good chicken and brisket along with having homemade potato salad and beans. Yummy!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

First 4th of July

Happy 4th of July! My bought the shirt I am wearing. My very first 4th of July shirt. Mom and dad took my picture before I ate since I would be getting food all over the shirt!

Hug Your Parents

Hello everyone. My very dear mother lost her battle with lung cancer. Her battle went on for over 4 years and she fought every step of the way. She was a very strong and brave woman and I don't know that I could have endured all that she did. She wanted more than anything to be here to meet her new grandson. She made it to that meeting and surpassed it by 4 months.

My dad deserves mention too. He is also very strong and brave. He took very good care of my mom the entire time she was ill. He lived and breathed what was best for my mom and I ask that you all please keep him in your prayers as he is embarking on a new chapter in his life. A chapter that he knows nothing without my mom.This being said...please hug your parents and tell them you love them. We just never know how long we have to be with them. God bless all of you.